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Mangstl, Martin; Celinski, Vinicius R.; Johansson, Sebastian; Weber, Johannes; An, Feng; Guenne, Jorn Schmedt Auf Der (9. May 2014): Low temperature synthesis of ionic phosphates in dimethyl sulfoxide. In: Dalton Transactions, Vol. 43, No. 26: pp. 10033-10039


A new synthesis route for phosphates in an organic solvent at low temperatures is presented. The synthesis was done by dispersing a nitrate salt and phosphorus pentoxide in dimethyl sulfoxide. The synthesis can be performed under water-free conditions and yielded several organic and inorganic phosphates. Crystal structure solution of bistetramethylammonium hydrogencyclotriphosphate, N(CH3)(4)](2)HP3O9, was achieved by combining information gained from powder X- ray diffraction, liquid NMR and solid state (2D) NMR. The molecular structure of rubidium cyclotetraphosphate, Rb4P4O12, was determined using liquid state NMR and solid state (2D) NMR spectroscopy.