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Häuber, Chrystina (March 2015): Rome: the city of memories. Or, why and how reconstruct and visualize ancient and post-antique Rome using digital technologies? The "AIS ROMA", diachronic and phase maps of (ancient) Rome in the WWW Long version 2015, München. The International Symposium Reconstruction and the Historic City: Rome and Abroad - an interdisciplinary approach, LMU München, Deutschland, 17. - 19. Oktober 2012. [PDF, 8MB]

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It is necessary to discuss reconstructions of ancient Rome not only because the buildings of this period have only survived in part but also because there are so many different perspectives on reconstruction. With this as my starting point, my presentation is divided into two parts. Part I deals with a distinct scholarly perspective, and Part II with a perspective that scholars and tourists share. Part I is dedicated to a special kind of `memory´: the more than 1,000 years of international scholarship on Rome that creates pitfalls for anyone who tries to reconstruct the ancient city today. I will discuss examples from the Palatine, the Forum Romanum, the Capitoline Hill and the area between the Velia and the Esquiline that I have come across in my own map-project called "AIS ROMA" which I am conducting together with Franz Xaver Schütz and further cooperation partners.

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