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Buchalla, Gerhard; Cata, Oscar und Krause, Claudius (2014): On the power counting in effective field theories. In: Physics Letters B, Vol. 731: S. 80-86


We discuss the systematics of power counting in general effective field theories, focusing on those that are nonrenormalizable at leading order. As an illuminating example we consider chiral perturbation theory gauged under the electromagnetic U(1) symmetry. This theory describes the low-energy interactions of the octet of pseudo-Goldstone bosons in QCD with photons and has been discussed extensively in the literature. Peculiarities of the standard approach are pointed out and it is shown how these are resolved within our scheme. The presentation follows closely our recent discussion of power counting for the electroweak chiral Lagrangian. The systematics of the latter is reviewed and shown to be consistent with the concept of chiral dimensions. The results imply that naive dimensional analysis (NDA) is incomplete in general effective field theories, while still reproducing the correct counting in special cases.