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Anderson, Lara B.; Constantin, Andrei; Gray, James; Lukas, Andre; Palti, Eran (2014): A Comprehensive Scan for Heterotic SU(5) GUT models. In: Journal of High Energy Physics, No. 1, 47


Compactifications of heterotic theories on smooth Calabi-Yau manifolds remain one of the most promising approaches to string phenomenology. In two previous papers, arXiv:1106.4804 and arXiv:1202.1757, large classes of such vacua were constructed, using sums of line bundles over complete intersection Calabi-Yau manifolds in products of projective spaces that admit smooth quotients by finite groups. A total of 1012 different vector bundles were investigated which led to 202 SU(5) Grand Unified Theory (GUT) models. With the addition of Wilson lines, these in turn led, by a conservative counting, to 2122 heterotic standard models. In the present paper, we extend the scope of this programme and perform an exhaustive scan over the same class of models. A total of 1040 vector bundles are analysed leading to 35, 000 SU(5) GUT models. All of these compactifications have the right field content to induce low-energy models with the matter spectrum of the supersymmetric standard model, with no exotics of any kind. The detailed analysis of the resulting vast number of heterotic standard models is a substantial and ongoing task in computational algebraic geometry.