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Gattermann, Ulf; Röska, Benedikt; Paulmann, Carsten; Park, SoHyun (2. August 2016): Large single crystal growth of MnWO4-type materials from high-temperature solutions. In: Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 453: pp. 40-48
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A simple high-temperature growth apparatus was constructed to obtain large crystals of chemically gradient (In, Na)-doped MnWO4 solid-solutions. This paper presents the crystal growth and characterization of both MnWO4 and epitaxially grown (In, Na):MnWO4 crystals on MnWO4. These large monolithic crystals were made in two steps: A MnWO4 crystal was grown in the crystallographic main direction [001] applying the Czochralski method, followed by the top seeded growth of (In, Na):MnWO4 solid-solutions with an oriented seed crystal of MnWO4. Such a monolithic crystal will serve to fundamental investigation of coupling properties at boundaries between various multiferroic MnWO4-type solid-solutions.