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Behal, David; Röska, Benedikt; Park, Sohyun; Pedersen, Bjoern; Benka, Georg; Pfleiderer, Christian; Wakabayashi, Yusuke; Kimura, Tsuyoshi (April 2017): The first study of antiferromagnetic eosphorite-childrenite series (Mn1−xFex)AlP(OH)2H2O (x=0.5). In: Journal of Magnetism & Magnetic Materials, Vol. 428: pp. 17-27
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


This study presents for the first time the antiferromagnetic structure of the eosphorite-childrenite series (Mn1-xFex)AlPO4(OH)2H2O (x=0.5), based on neutron single crystal diffraction at 3 K in combination with group theoretical representation analysis. The new magnetic structure is described in the magnetic space group PCmnb, maintaining the atomistic unit cell size (a×b×c) with a ~6.9 Å, b ~10.4 Å, c ~13.4 Å. Mn-rich and Fe-rich zones within solid solution crystals are expanded up to several hundred micrometers, as seen in electron microprobe and polarisation microscopy. Magnetic susceptibility and specific heat measurements on two different eosphorite-childrenite crystals show the magnetic transition temperature between 6.5 K and 6.8 K as the Mn2+/Fe2+ ratio varies over single compositional zones. Below the Néel temperature, a magnetic field between 1.5 T and 2 T parallel to the a-axis causes a 180° spin-flip, reaching the saturation (5.25 μB pfu) toward high magnetic fields.