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Bode, H.; Berking, S.; David, Charles N.; Gierer, A.; Schaller, H. and Trenkner, E. (1973): Quantitative analysis of cell types during growth and morphogenesis in Hydra. In: Development Genes and Evolution, Vol. 171, No. 4: pp. 269-285 [PDF, 915kB]


Tissue maceration was used to determine the absolute number and the distribution of cell types in Hydra. It was shown that the total number of cells per animal as well as the distribution of cells vary depending on temperature, feeding conditions, and state of growth. During head and foot regeneration and during budding the first detectable change in the cell distribution is an increase in the number of nerve cells at the site of morphogenesis. These results and the finding that nerve cells are most concentrated in the head region, diminishing in density down the body column, are discussed in relation to tissue polarity.

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