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Majety, Vinay Pramod; Zielinski, Alejandro and Scrinzi, Armin (2015): Photoionization of few electron systems: a hybrid coupled channels approach. In: New Journal of Physics, Vol. 17, 063002 [PDF, 1MB]

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We present the hybrid anti-symmetrized coupled channels method for the calculation of fully differential photo-electron spectra of multi-electron atoms and small molecules interacting with strong laser fields. The method unites quantum chemical few-body electronic structure with strong-field dynamics by solving the time dependent Schrodinger equation in a fully anti-symmetrized basis composed of multi-electron states from quantum chemistry and a one-electron numerical basis. Photoelectron spectra are obtained via the time dependent surface flux (tSURFF) method. Performance and accuracy of the approach are demonstrated for spectra from the helium and beryllium atoms and the hydrogen molecule in linearly polarized laser fields at wavelengths from 21 to 400 nm. At long wavelengths, helium and the hydrogen molecule at equilibrium inter-nuclear distance can be approximated as single channel systems whereas beryllium needs a multi-channel description.

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