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Morello, Nathan (2013): Percezioni sensoriali del paesaggio montano nell’ottava campagna di Sargon II, 714 a.C. In: Magnani, Stefano (ed.) : Le aree montane come frontiere. Spazi d'interazione e connettività. Studi di frontiera, Vol. 1. Aracne. Roma: Stefano Magnani. pp. 411-462 [PDF, 273kB]


A study of the 8th campaign of Sargon II (722-705) against Urartu. The study gravitates around the question of the numerous sensorial perceptions (especially sight, hearing, and smell) that pervade the literary descriptions of the campaign. I argue that the presence of such sensorial descriptions is strongly connected to the literary form in which the campaign is reported: a Letter to the God Ashur.

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