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Fakesch, Jens (25. Juli 2016): Multi-User 3D Augmented Reality Anwendung für die gemeinsame Interaktion mit virtuellen 3D Objekten. Masterarbeit, Fakultät für Mathematik, Informatik und Statistik, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.


This thesis covers the development of a network supported multi user augmented reality application for mobile devices. A presenter can load 3D models dynamically, display them on an augmented reality 2D tracker and is capable of manipulating certain single objects. These manipulations are already well-defined in advance through the hierarchy of the 3D object. Executable manipulations are translation, rotation, scaling and the change of materials. Any number of spectators can follow the presentation with their own device from a point of view of individual choice. If the data of the model is not present on their own device it will automatically be transferred from the presenter via network. Thoughts that were made in advance are described, followed by the details of implementation and the occured problems as well as chosen solutions. With the prototype a user study was conducted to define guidelines for the choice of different kinds of lighting for certain applications. The choice is between static, dynamic and combined lighting. Additionally the general usability of the app is evaluated in the study.