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Acle-Kreysing, Andrea (2016): Antifascism: a space of encounter between exile and national policy. The case of Vicente Lombardo Toledano in Mexico (1936-1945). In: Revista de Indias, Vol. 76, No. 267: pp. 573-609


This article puts forward an original interpretation of antifascism, understood as a transatlantic political culture, focusing upon the case of the union leader Vicente Lombardo Toledano. Between the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War, antifascism in Mexico acquired several meanings, centred on the reinvention of the Mexican Revolution's legacy, while benefiting from the collaboration between European antifascist exiles and local left-wing circles. Making use of novel sources, this article vindicates the key role that Mexico was then able to enjoy internationally due to its ideological commitments.