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Röska, Benedikt; Park, Sohyun; Yoshimori, Yusuke; Kimura, Kenta; Kimura, Tsuyoshi (4. August 2017): Anomalous dielectric response of short hydrogen bonds under pressure. The case of (Mn,Fe)2+AlPO4(OH)2H2O. In: Journal of physics: Condensed matter, Vol. 29, No. 36, 365401
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


An anomalous increase in the real part of dielectric response is observed in Mn0.5Fe0.5AlPO4(OH)2H2O while cooling to ~70 K. This is addressed to field-induced proton dynamics in a short hydrogen bond of 2.480(3) Å. The absence of discontinuities in heat capacity curves above the Néel temperature (TN ≈ 7 K) excludes a paraelectric to antiferroelectric phase transition. Upon application of mild hydrostatic pressures below 1.6 GPa, the maximum in the dielectric response is shifted from 70 K to lower temperatures near ~2 K. This explains a narrow correlation between the proton transfer and the compression of the short hydrogen bond length.