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Park, Sohyun; Behal, David; Pedersen, Björn (10. November 2018): The origin of the polar symmetry in huebnerite-type multiferroics. In: Physica B: Condensed Matter, Vol. 551: pp. 118-121
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The magnetic structure of the multiferroic phase AF2 huebnerite (MnWO4) has been re-investigated based on the polar space group P2, instead of P2/c widely accepted in literature. The site character between two independent sites for Mn2+, Mna and Mnb, fairly differs from each other in terms of bonding valence sums. This hidden intrinsic dipole moment is the true origin of the chiral magnetic order in AF2 in the polar superspace group P2.1′ (α, 1/2, γ)0s. From structure refinements using single crystal neutron diffraction data at 10 K the ellipticity of the spin helix could be determined to be 0.92 and 0.77 at Mna and Mnb, respectively. The different contributions of two chiral spin-textures to electric polarisation microscopically measurable in the b axis (Pb) could be estimated with Pb (Mna) = 22.8 μCm−2 and Pb (Mnb) = 12.2 μCm−2.