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Enzel, Patricia and Bein, Thomas (1993): Synthesis of oligo- and polythiophenes in zeolite hosts. 9th International Zeolite Conference, Montreal, September 1992. Ballmoos, Roland von (ed.) : In: Proceedings from the ninth International Zeolite Conference Montreal 1992, Vol. 2 Boston [u.a.]: Butterworth-Heinemann. pp. 177-184 [PDF, 1MB]

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Oligomers and polymers of thiophene derivatives were synthesized in the channels of zeolite Y and mordenite. Intrazeolite oxidation of monomers such as thiophene , 3- methylthiophene , and bithiophene by Fe(lll) or Cu(ll) ions results in formation of insoluble polymers that have spectroscopic properties similar to the corresponding bulk polymers. The zeolites containing the polymers are nonconducting, but when extracted from the host, the polymers show d.c. conductivities typical for t he bulk materials. Oligothiophene species with welldefined electronic transitions could be produced in acidic zeolite Y.

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