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Graf, Friedrich Wilhelm (2016): Zur Publikationsgeschichte von Paul Tillichs „Systematic Theology“. Teil 1. In: Journal for the History of Modern Theology - Zeitschrift für Neuere theologiegeschichte, Vol. 23, No. 2: pp. 192-217 [PDF, 372kB]


In June 1947 Paul Tillich signed a contract with The University of Chicago Press for a "Systematic Theology" in two volumes. Having published the first volume in April 1951, he asked the publisher to split the second volume into two parts, which were published in 1957 as volume II and 1963 as volume III. In this article the different editions of "Systematic Theology" are described, and the economic aspects of writing and publishing this very influential academic book are explained. Many unknown sources are presented. Some of them show Tillich as an author in real despair.

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