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Neumann, Mathias (2016): (El) Šadday - A Plea for an Egyptian Derivation of the God and Its Name. In: Welt des Orients, Vol. 46, No. 2: pp. 244-263
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The paper evaluates the previous explanations for the origin and meaning of (El). Sadday with regard to their etymological and religio-historical plausibility. Only the derivation of Sadday from the Egyptian deity Shed remains convincing under both criteria, and thus deserves a closer look. An analysis of biblical and extra-biblical sources from Palestine shows that the motifs associated with Sadday are comparable to those of Shed and, moreover, that these motifs are iconographically represented in Palestine. For these reasons, this paper argues that (El) Saddaj takes its origin from Shed and that the biblical use of this name can be better understood in this context.