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Acle-Kreysing, Andrea (2016): Revolución, contrarrevolución... Evolución: Catolicismo y nuevas formas de legitimidad política en la España del siglo XIX. Los casos de Jaime Balmes y Juan Donoso Cortés. In: Hispania Sacra, Vol. 68, No. 137: pp. 91-103
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in contrast to traditional portraits of Balmes and Donoso Cortes as the most relevant figures of nineteenth-century Spanish Catholicism, which suppose them in pursuit of the same goals, this article highlights crucial differences between them, focusing upon three aspects: the relationship between catholicism and liberalism, the Church-State relations during the decada moderada (1843-1854) and the situation of the Church in Europe in the context of the 1848 Revolutions. Their political projects show how contemporary Catholicism oscillated between intransigence and ideological openness.