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Betzler, Monika and Löschke, Jörg (2016): New Developments in Family Ethics: An Introduction. In: Journal of Moral Philosophy, Vol. 13, No. 6: pp. 641-651

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During the last three decades, moral philosophy has seen an increased interest in the ethics of special relationships. The relationship that has gained the most attention in recent years is the family. While there has been some progress in understanding family relationships and their ethical implications, there is still much theoretical ground to cover. In this special issue of the Journal of Moral Philosophy, we present four papers that discuss new questions concerning the rights and duties that are implied by the relationship between parents and children. These include the question whether persons have a right to parent their biological offspring, or a duty to adopt a child, rather than create one;under which circumstances dependent children owe their parents gratitude for the care they provide;and how family relationships can lead to moral blackmailing and thus to moral exploitation of some of their members.

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