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Teegen, Wolf-Rüdiger and Kyselý, René (2016): A rare severe enamel defect on an upper pig molar from an early in Prague (Czech Republic) - short communication. In: Veterinarski Arhiv, Vol. 86, No. 2: pp. 273-285

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The present communication describes the case of an approx. 9 month old pig from the early medieval fortress Vysehrad in Prague (Bohemia, Czech Republic). It showed an exceptionally severe enamel defect (plane-form hypoplasia) in the upper half of the crown of a right upper first molar. The plane-form defect was probably triggered by short-term disturbances of the enamel matrix secretion. After a period of approximately 1.5 or 2 months, normal enamel secretion may be assumed. Such strong hypoplasia is extremely rare in osteo-archaeological records. Regarding the age of the pig in question, the enamel defect could have been caused by problems during or after birth and/or during weaning.

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