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Sirotenko, Anastasia (2016): Воздвижение Креста Ираклием в греческой и западной традиции: некоторые наблюдения. In: Vizantijskij Vremennik, Vol. 100, No. 75: pp. 64-72

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This paper discusses the representation of the Exaltation of the Cross by Emperor Heraclius in some Greek and Western narrative sources of the 7th-15th centuries. An observation is made regarding the presence in a high number of Western sources of the legend about the miracle that occurred when Heraclius entered Jerusalem, whereas it cannot be found in any extant Greek text. A possible interpretation of this unusual phenomenon is given based on the religious and political situation in the Empire during the 7th (monotheletism) as well as the perception of this historical period by later chroniclers.

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