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Bach, Oliver (2016): Kluge Leidenschaft? Daniel Caspers von Lohenstein Cleopatra zu Affektenlehre und Staatsräson. In: Daphnis - Zeitschrift für Mittlere Deutsche Literatur, Vol. 44, No. 4: pp. 572-604

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The article's interest focusses on the relation of prudent acting and passions of soul in Daniel Casper von Lohenstein's political tragedy Cleopatra (1680). Therefore it explores the early modern discourse around man's fundamental reasonability and a maintained irreducible affectation of the human mind: For the first time, Lohenstein's jurisprudential doctoral thesis On Will (1655) is analysed in detail. Underestimated so far, this source gives a deep insight into contemporary theory of both appetites and affects as well as into its impact on juridical responsibility (imputability) and reason of state.

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