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Nicolosi, Riccardo (2016): Апофатика и формализм. Блокадный нарратив в «Записках блокадного человека» Лидии Гинзбург (Авторизированный перевод с немецкого Нины Ставрогиной). In: Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, No. 137: pp. 194-205

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The article, examines Ginzburg's diary and proposes a new interpretation of the narrative conceptualization of Siege experience reflected there. In the diary, Ginzburg has recourse to a method that could be called "apophatic," i.e. founded on negative definitions. Ginzburg's narrative strategies meanwhile refer to "the apophatic quality" (to use P. Medvedev's term) of the Formalists' method, and these strategies are in turn opposed to the "cataphatic" strategies of official Soviet discourse regarding the Siege. The first part of Nicolosi's article analyzes this "cataphatic" discourse in the work of K. Fedin, V. Inber, Vs. Vishnevsky and A. Chakovsky, all of whom use a number of literary means in order to present a coherent and meaningful portrait of the Siege. The second half addresses the answer Ginzburg suggests to this cataphatic quality.

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