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Lachner, Florian; Nägelein, Philipp; Kowalski, Robert; Spann, Martin ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4645-3913 and Butz, Andreas (2016): Quantified UX: Towards a Common Organizational Understanding of User Experience. 9th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction NordiCHI '16, Gothenburg, Sweden, October 23 - 27, 2016. In: Proceedings of the NordiCHI '16: the 9th Nordic Conference On Human-Computer Interaction, New York: Association for Computing Machinery.

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User Experience (UX) is increasingly being recognized as an important factor for the commercial success of digital products. In fact, it has become a buzzword, which is interpreted differently by different parties. This lack of common understanding inevitably leads to misunderstandings and inefficiency in industrial practice. We therefore propose a quantifiable way of describing User Experience (QUX). Based on the analysis of 84 UX evaluation methods, a sample of UX characteristics from literature, and 24 interviews with experts from academia and practice, we propose a formalism and a corresponding tool to measure, visualize, and communicate a product's UX within organizations. We showcase the benefits of our approach by integrating it into the product development processes of companies from three different industries.

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