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Kilpatrick, Bethan S.; Yates, Elizabeth; Grimm, Christian; Schapira, Anthony H. and Patel, Sandip (2016): Endo-lysosomal TRP mucolipin-1 channels trigger global ER Ca2+ release and Ca2+ influx. In: Journal of Cell Science, Vol. 129, No. 20: pp. 3859-3867

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Transient receptor potential (TRP) mucolipins (TRPMLs), encoded by the MCOLN genes, are patho-physiologically relevant endolysosomal ion channels crucial for membrane trafficking. Several lines of evidence suggest that TRPMLs mediate localised Ca2+ release but their role in Ca2+ signalling is not clear. Here, we show that activation of endogenous and recombinant TRPMLs with synthetic agonists evoked global Ca2+ signals in human cells. These signals were blocked by a dominant-negative TRPML1 construct and a TRPML antagonist. We further show that, despite a predominant lysosomal localisation, TRPML1 supports both Ca2+ release and Ca2+ entry. Ca2+ release required lysosomal and ER Ca2+ stores suggesting that TRPMLs, like other endo-lysosomal Ca2+ channels, are capable of 'chatter' with ER Ca2+ channels. Our data identify new modalities for TRPML1 action.

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