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Burlacioiu, Ciprian (2017): Religion on the Move - Migration and Diaspora in its Significance in Church History. The Example of the Russian Exile Church after the First World War. In: Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte, Vol. 128, No. 1: pp. 72-89
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The First World War, initial catastrophe of the 20th century, originated a significant wave of forced mass migration. Among other regions, the decomposing Russian Empire was deeply touched in this regard: over one million persons were forced to flee during the war and the subsequent revolution. This led to a dispersion of the Russian Orthodoxy as well. A substantial Russian Orthodox Diaspora came into being from Far East to North America and from Western Europe to South Africa and South America. This contribution presents some historical elements of this dynamic and inquires about the consequences of migration and diaspora on the Russian Orthodoxy in the first decades after the war. This article concludes with some general observations about the importance of migration and diaspora for Church History as an academic discipline.