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Duarte, Olga Amarís (2017): Amor, dolor y autoconocimiento: discurso trinitario en la obra de Santa Teresa de Ávila. In: Agora-Papeles De Filosofia, Vol. 36, No. 2: pp. 7-28

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This paper analyzes the various aspects that constitute the concept of amor Dei in Santa Teresa of Avila, whose highest expression is reached during the episodes of illness and physical pain. From the results of my research is to be deduced that pain as materiality, as symbol of human corporeality contributes undeniably to the mutation of Teresa into the beloved who deserves to follow the via crucis and experiences union with Christ. The Teresian "love-sickness" is strongly marked by the pathos of identification widely expressed in the act of imitatio Christi. This represents an appropriation of the cross that with the aid of Eros turns into a fertile apple tree flourishing the passion fruit.

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