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Hansen-Löve, Aage A. (2017): Ot chozjaina i rabotnika do rabotnika bez chozjaina. In: Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, No. 141: pp. 212-227

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Hansen-Love's article deals with the relations between master and servant (slave) in Tolstoi's story "Master and Man and in Hegel's "Phenomenology ofthe mind. The main difference between them consists in the principle of duality (master/slave) in Hegel and triality (master/servant/horse) in Tolstoi. Here the horse takes the place of nature, whereas the master that of culture (or civilisation, economics). The servant or slave mediates between culture and nature. The ideas of Hegel are developped by the Russian-French,philosopher Alexander Kozheve in the sense, that at the end of the historical processes the slave takes the place of the master.

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