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Yamashita, Yui; Takamatsu, Seidai; Glasbrenner, Michael; Becker, Thomas; Naito, Satoshi and Beckmann, Roland (2017): Sucrose sensing through nascent peptide-meditated ribosome stalling at the stop codon of Arabidopsis bZIP11 uORF2. In: Febs Letters, Vol. 591, No. 9: pp. 1266-1277

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Arabidopsis bZIP11 is a transcription factor that modulates amino acid metabolism under high-sucrose conditions. Expression of bZIP11 is downregulated in a sucrose-dependent manner during translation. Previous invivo studies have identified the second upstream open reading frame (uORF2) as an essential regulatory element for the sucrose-dependent translational repression of bZIP11. However, it remains unclear how uORF2 represses bZIP11 expression under high-sucrose conditions. Through biochemical experiments using cell-free translation systems, we report on sucrose-mediated ribosome stalling at the stop codon of uORF2. The C-terminal 10 amino acids (29-SFSVxFLxxLYYV-41) of uORF2 are important for ribosome stalling. Our results demonstrate that uORF2 encodes a regulatory nascent peptide that functions to sense intracellular sucrose abundance. This is the first biochemical identification of the intracellular sucrose sensor.

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