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Grafe, Peter; Rimpel, Jürgen; Reddy, M. M. and Ten Bruggencate, Gerrit (1982): Lithium distribution across the membrane of motoneurons in the isolated frog spinal cord. In: Pflügers Archiv European Journal of Physiology, Vol. 393, No. 4: pp. 297-301 [PDF, 602kB]


Lithium sensitive microelectrodes were used to investigate the transmembrane distribution of lithium ions (Li+) in motoneurons of the isolated frog spinal cord. After addition of 5 mmol·l–1 LiCl to the bathing solution the extracellular diffusion of Li+ was measured. At a depth of 500 m, about 60 min elapsed before the extracellular Li+ concentration approached that of the bathing solution. Intracellular measurements revealed that Li+ started to enter the cells soon after reaching the motoneuron pool and after up to 120 min superfusion, an intra — to extracellular concentration ratio of about 0.7 was obtained. The resting membrane potential and height of antidromically evoked action potentials were not altered by 5 mmol·l–1 Li+.

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