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Strupp, Michael and Grafe, Peter (1991): A chloride channel in rat and human axons. In: Neuroscience Letters, Vol. 133, No. 2: pp. 237-240 [PDF, 344kB]


Current recordings from single chloride channels were obtained from excised and cell-attached patches of rat and human axons. In rat axons the channels showed an outwardly rectifying current-voltage relationship with a slope conductance of 33 pS at negative membrane potentials and 65 pS at positive potentials (symmetrical 150 mM CsCl). They were measurably for cations (PNa/PCs/PCl=0.1/0.2/1). Channel currents were independent of cytoplasmatic calcium concentration. Inactivation was not observed and gating was weakly voltage dependent. Cl− channels in human axons showed similar gating behavior but had a lower conductance.

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