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Moritz, Wolfgang; Jagodzinski, H. and Wolf, D. (1978): Diffuse LEED intensities of disordered crystal surfaces : II. Multiple scattering on disordered overlayers. In: Surface Science, Vol. 77, No. 2: pp. 249-264 [PDF, 980kB]


The diffraction of low energy electrons from disordered overlayers adsorbed on ordered substrates is treated theoretically by an extension of Beeby's multiple scattering method. A lattice gas model is assumed for the disordered adsorbate layer. Multiple scattering within a certain area around each atom — each atom of the overlayer and within the ordered substrate — is treated self-consistently, the remaining contributions to the total scattering amplitude being averaged. The theory can be used in the limiting cases of random distribution and of long range order within the adsorbate layer.

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