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Wolf, D.; Jagodzinski, H. and Moritz, Wolfgang (1978): Diffuse LEED intensities of disordered crystal surfaces : III. LEED investigation of the disordered (110) surface of gold. In: Surface Science, Vol. 77, No. 2: pp. 265-282 [PDF, 880kB]


The LEED pattern of clean (101) surfaces of Au show a characteristic (1 × 2) superstructure. The diffuseness of reflections in the reciprocal [010] direction is caused by one-dimensional disorder of chains, strictly ordered into spatial [10 ] direction. There is a transition from this disordered superstructure to the normal (1 × 1) structure at 420 + 15°C. The angular profiles of the and (01) beam are measured at various temperatures and with constant energy and angles of incidence of the primary beam. The beam profiles are deconvoluted approximately with the instrument response function.

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