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Reul, A.; Lauhoff, C.; Krooss, P.; Gutmann, M. J.; Kadletz, P. M.; Chumlyakov, Y. I.; Niendorf, T. and Schmahl, Wolfgang W. (2018): In Situ Neutron Diffraction Analyzing Stress-Induced Phase Transformation and Martensite Elasticity in 001-Oriented Co49Ni21Ga30 Shape Memory Alloy Single Crystals. In: Shape Memory and Superelasticity, Vol. 4, No. 1: pp. 61-69

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Recent studies demonstrated excellent pseudoelastic behavior and cyclic stability under compressive loads in 001-oriented Co-Ni-Ga high-temperature shape memory alloys (HT-SMAs). A narrow stress hysteresis was related to suppression of detwinning at RT and low defect formation during phase transformation due to the absence of a favorable slip system. Eventually, this behavior makes Co-Ni-Ga HT-SMAs promising candidates for several industrial applications. However, deformation behavior of Co-Ni-Ga has only been studied in the range of theoretical transformation strain in depth so far. Thus, the current study focuses not only on the activity of elementary deformation mechanisms in the pseudoelastic regime up to maximum theoretical transformation strains but far beyond. It is shown that the martensite phase is able to withstand about 5{\%} elastic strain, which significantly increases the overall deformation capability of this alloy system. In situ neutron diffraction experiments were carried out using a newly installed testing setup on Co-Ni-Ga single crystals in order to reveal the nature of the stress-strain response seen in the deformation curves up to 10{\%} macroscopic strain.

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