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Welz, M.; Moritz, Wolfgang and Wolf, D. (1983): Structure determination of the clean Co(110) surface by LEED. In: Surface Science, Vol. 125, No. 2: pp. 473-480 [PDF, 461kB]


The atomic structure of the (11 0) surface of cobalt has been determined by LEED using six intensity spectra at normal incidence. The surface exhibits the truncated bulk structure with a contraction of the first interlayer spacing by about 8.5% with respect to the bulk value. Quantitative evaluation of the LEED spectra was done using Zanazzi and Jona's and Pendry's r-factors. The minimum averaged r-factors are and . No change of the interatomic distances within the plane could be detected and no rearrangement of the surface structure takes place up to temperatures shortly below the transition temperature.

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