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Imbihl, Ronald; Behm, Rolf Jürgen; Ertl, Gerhard and Moritz, Wolfgang (1982): The structure of atomic nitrogen adsorbed on Fe(100). In: Surface Science, Vol. 123, No. 1: pp. 129-140 [PDF, 698kB]


Nitrogen atoms adsorbed on a Fe(100) surface cause the formation of an ordered c(2 × 2) overlayer with coverage 0.5. A structure analysis was performed by comparing experimental LEED I–V spectra with the results of multiple scattering model calculations. The N atoms were found to occupy fourfold hollow sites, with their plane 0.27 Å above the plane of the surface Fe atoms. In addition, nitrogen adsorption causes an expansion of the two topmost Fe layers by 10% (= 0.14 Å). The minimum r-factor for this structure analysis is about 0.2 for a total of 16 beams. The resulting atomic arrangement is similar to that in the (002) plane of bulk Fe4N, thus supporting the view of a “surface nitride” and providing a consistent picture of the structural and bonding properties of this surface phase.

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