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Moritz, Wolfgang and Wolf, D. (1985): Multilayer distortion in the reconstructed (110) surface of Au. In: Surface Science, Vol. 163, No. 1: L655-L665 [PDF, 464kB]


A new LEED intensity analysis of the reconstructed Au(110)-(1×2) surface results in a modification of the missing row model with considerable distortions which are at least three layers deep. The top layer spacing is contracted by about 20%, the second layer exhibits a lateral pairing displacement of 0.07 Å and the third layer is buckled by 0.24 Å. Distortions in deeper layers seem to be probable but have not been considered in this analysis. The inter-atomic distances in the distorted surface region show both an expansion and a contraction compared to the bulk value and range from 5% contraction to about 4% expansion.

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