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Kuhnke, Klaus; Kern, Klaus; Comsa, Georg and Moritz, Wolfgang (1992): Top-layer superstructures of the reconstructed Pt(100) surface. In: Physical Review B, Vol. 45, No. 24: 14388 -14391 [PDF, 619kB]


The structures of the two reconstructed phases of the Pt(100) surface have been studied by high-resolution helium diffraction. In contrast to earlier investigations, we show that for both phases the superstructure in the approximate 〈011〉 direction is not fivefold but much larger. The mean distance between atom rows in the top layer, however, is very close to that of a fivefold superstructure. This supports the description of the surface layer in a model which assumes static oscillations about a flat and equidistant atom arrangement. The results are discussed in comparison with low-energy electron diffraction, scanning-tunneling-microscopy, and x-ray-diffraction results.

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