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Over, Herbert; Bludau, Horst; Skottke, Maria; Moritz, Wolfgang and Ertl, Gerhard (1992): Low-energy electron diffraction analysis of the structure of a Cs-O/Ru(0001) coadsorbate phase. In: Physical Review B, Vol. 46, No. 7: pp. 4360-4363 [PDF, 622kB]


The structure of the (√3 × √3 )R30° overlayer formed by coadsorption of Cs and O atoms (θCs=θ0=0.33) on a Ru(0001) surface was determined by low-energy electron diffraction. Both adsorbates occupy hcp-type hollow sites. If compared with the structures of the respective pure adsorbate phases, the bond lengths are modified in a way consistent with an effective transfer of electronic charge from Cs to O.

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