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Dornisch, D. and Moritz, Wolfgang and Schulz, H. and Feidenhans'l, Robert and Nielsen, Morten and Grey, F. and Johnson, Robert L. and Le Lay, Guy (1992): Ag on Ge(111): 2D X-ray structure analysis of the (Wurzel)3 x (Wurzel)3 superstructure. In: Surface Science, Vol. 274, No. 2: pp. 215-221




We have studied the Ag/Ge(111)(Wurzel)3 x (Wurzel)3 superstructure by grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction. In our structural analysis we find striking similarities to the geometry of Au on Si(111). The Ag atoms form trimer clusters with an Ag-Ag distance of 2.94+-0.04°A with the centers of the trimers being located at the origins of the (Wurzel)3 x (Wurzel)3 lattice. The Ag layer is incomplete and at least one substrate layer is distorted.