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Wever, J.; Meyerheim, Holger L.; Moritz, Wolfgang; Jahns, V.; Wolf, D.; Schulz, H.; Seehofer, Lorenz; Johnson, Robert L. (1994): A new type of reconstruction on the InSb() surface determined by grazing incidence X-ray diffraction. In: Surface Science, Vol. 321, No. 3: L225-L232


The (3×3) reconstruction of the InSb( ) surface has been investigated by grazing incidence X-ray diffraction and scanning tunneling microscopy. The structure is characterized by 6-atom rings on top of a slightly buckled InSb top double layer. Two types of rings have been found, an elliptic ring consisting of 4 In and 2 Sb atoms and a trigonal ring with 3 In and 3 Sb atoms. The bond angles and lengths are consistent with the concept of rehybridization and depolarization which explains the reconstructions of the (111) and (110) surfaces.