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Bertau, Marie-Cécile (2014): Introduction: The self within the space–time of language performance. In: Theory & Psychology, Vol. 24, No. 4: pp. 433-441


Scientific research in a dialogical paradigm highlights processes and insists on human beings’ relatedness. The basic move is thus a shift from the self-contained “I” to the related self, where the other is seen as the self’s pre-condition. This must be accompanied by a similar shift with regard to language: language has to be viewed as a genuinely dialogical and plural phenomenon. Through five target articles and four commentaries addressing themes across the articles, this special issue takes a close look at the relationship between language and the self and explores some of the topics surfacing within the dialogical perspective: the “in-between” of the related subjects; movements, such as in speaking, listening, thinking, and writing, as an inherent part of the dynamics of the selves’ relatedness. As a result, language gets a rhetorical, phenomenal volume, and the subject is conceived as a self by virtue of its language performances.