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Becker, Anja (2015): Drei Sonnen über Gelnhausen. Zu einer bislang unentdeckten historischen Anspielung Wolframs in seinem Lied ›Ez ist nu tac‹. In: Beiträge zur Geschichte Der Deutschen Sprache und Literatur, Vol. 137, No. 2: pp. 240-247


We know that Hermann I., the Landgrave of Thuringia, was one of Wolfram’s patrons. But when exactly and how long did the author stay at his court? In my paper, I present an overlooked allusion which Wolfram makes in his dawn song, ›Ez ist nu tac‹. Wolfram describes the intimacy between the lovers by saying, even if the sun were threefold the three suns could not divide the couple. This is not just a metaphor but a historical reference to a halo phenomenon seen over Gelnhausen on January 30th 1207. One of the eyewitnesses was Hermann of Thuringia. Hence, Wolfram wrote his dawn song in 1207 at the court of the Landgrave, while he was working there on his ›Parzival‹.