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Moritz, Wolfgang; Günther, S.; Pussi, K. (2018): Quantitative LEED Studies on Graphene. In: Wandelt, Klaus (ed.) : Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry, Surface Science and Electrochemistry. Elsevier. pp. 370-377
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Single well-ordered graphene layers can be prepared on a number of metal surfaces. The structures exhibit in most cases, a Moire pattern in the scanning tunneling microscopy images with large modulation periods. The modulation arises from the lattice mismatch and the interaction with the substrate. A few structures have been analyzed by LEED. The results are reported and compared to the data from X-ray measurements and density functional theory calculations. The description of the 2-D modulation functions by Fourier coefficients and the restrictions due to the p3m1 symmetry of the structure is shortly summarized.