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Novotny, Jamie and Radner, Karen (2018): Official Inscriptions of the Middle East in Antiquity. Online Text Corpora and Map Interface. In: Rossi, Irene and De Santis, Annamaria (eds.) : Crossing Experiences in Digital Epigraphy: From Practice to Discipline. 1. Auflage. Berlin: De Gruyter Open. pp. 141-154 [PDF, 1MB]


The LMU Munich-based Official Inscriptions of the Middle East in Antiquity (OIMEA) project is one of the two principal, digital text corpora of the Munich Openaccess Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), which is a freely accessible digital humanities umbrella project established by Karen Radner and Jamie Novotny in the fall of 2015. This international project – which includes research partners in Philadelphia, Barcelona, and Rome – aims to edit all available official inscriptions of ancient Middle Eastern polities, recorded in the cuneiform script and contemporary writing systems, in a freely accessible, fully lemmatized (lexical and grammatical data tagging), and completely searchable format via the Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus (Oracc) project. In addition, OIMEA plans to make geo-referenced text editions available through its Ancient Records of Middle Eastern Polities (ARMEP) map interface, which is developed in collaboration with LMU’s Center for Digital Humanities.

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