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Brendel, Raphael (2018): Kaiser Julians Heerespolitik und das Mönchtum. Überlegungen zu einer wenig bekannten Behauptung Gregors des Großen (ep. 3,61 und 3, 64). In: Byzantinische Zeitschrift, Vol. 111, No. 3: pp. 599-640
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The information in letters 3.61 and 3.64 of Pope Gregory the Great that Emperor Julian had released a law, according to which soldiers were not allowed to become monks, is a confusion with Valens who is accredited to have forced the monks by law to do military service. This hypothesis is based on the church historians' reports that Julian wanted to remove the Christians from his army by conversion and dismissal, and on the fact that Julian and Valens are parallelised by Theophanes and other Byzantine texts.