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Alcalde, Angel (2018): Spatializing transnational history: European spaces and territories. In: European Review of History-Revue Europeenne D Histoire, Vol. 25, No. 3-4: pp. 553-567
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This article introduces the dossier Spatializing Transnational History: European spaces and territories'. It examines the intersections between transnational history and the so-called spatial turn' in social sciences, and points at future directions in historical research. It reviews two main different methodological approaches to the problem of space in transnational, comparative and global history and examines recent contributions on the history of territory. Finally, it introduces the contributions to this dossier, which approach the history of modern Europe from a number of transnational and spatial perspectives. The dossier argues that incorporating a combination of spatial approaches, ranging from the examination of transnational spaces, to the interplay between different scales of analysis, and to the historicization of territoriality, into the practice of transnational, comparative and global history may contribute to a deeper, wider and more complex understanding of Europe'.