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Seixas, Xose M. Nunez (2018): Wishful Thinking in Wartime? Spanish Blue Division's Soldiers and Their Views of Nazi Germany, 1941-44. In: Journal of War & Culture Studies, Vol. 11, No. 2: pp. 99-116
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From the early 1930s, Spanish fascists were fascinated by the 'nice shine' of National Socialism. During the civil war, the influence of Nazi Germany among Spanish fascists, traditionalists and supporters of the emerging Franco regime increased. As consequence of the pro-Nazi alignment of the Franco regime a Spanish Division of Volunteers was set up in early summer, 1941 to take part in the Russian campaign. Until the end of the Second World War, several thousands of Spanish Fascists and supporters of the Franco Regime visited Nazi Germany on their way to and from the Eastern front or as civil workers. A study of the experiences of such individuals may broaden our perspective on how Nazi Germany influenced foreign visitors what image of Nazi Germany did those visitors paint in their letters, diaries and memoirs? What was left from this experience in post-1945 Spanish memory of the Second World War?