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Walther, Marco (2018): Traces of Yogācāra in the Chapter on Reality (artha) Within a Work on the Paths and Stages by Gling-ras-pa Padma rdo-rje (1128-1188). In: Journal of Indian Philosophy, Vol. 46, No. 2: pp. 373-398
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This article aims to introduce some features of the literary output of Gling-ras-pa Padma rdo-rje, who was the teacher of the 'Brug-pa bKa'-brgyud-pa school's founder, gTsan-pa rGya-ras Ye-shes rdo-rje (1161-1211) in Tibet. The work that I draw upon here is titled A Torch of Crucial Points. A Condensation and Presentation of all Dharmas that are to be Practiced (gCes pa bsdus pa'i sgron ma 'am| bslabs par bya ba'i chos thams cad mdor bsdus te bstan pa), a presentation of the entire outline of Buddhist practice that resembles the doctrinal stages (bstan rim) literary genre. Based on an edition and translation of the fifth chapter of the 17 that comprise the work, here I focus on several concepts, such as the three natures (trisvabhAva) and the allground consciousness (AlayavijAna), that pertain to the system of YogAcAra and the terminology related to it. These are shown as they appear in the framework of the work, which is heavily influenced by the tradition of MahAmudrA and the background of its author's life as a wandering yogin in the lineage of Mi-la ras-pa (1040-1132).