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Amaris Duarte, Olga (2018): Espacio en movimiento: el paisaje dinámico y sintiente en la Italia de "Das Marmorbild" de Joseph von Eichendorff. In: Revista De Filologia Alemana, Vol. 26: pp. 43-60
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


This article wants to analyze the performative function of the poetic word in the novel Das Marmorbild of Joseph von Eichendorff. The initial thesis of this paper considers a double symbolic operation by means of which the poet does not only create the space, the natural environment, by using the word, but it is indeed the landscape itself that becomes a text, a writing texture that reveals its message. In this sense, the article will elucidate the different discursive strategies that allow the narrative representation in Das Marmorbild to create a dynamic space, in constant movement, creating and recreating itself and thus becoming a lived-space, erlebter Raum, reflective and sentient.