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Lüst, Dieter; Osten, David (2018): Generalised fluxes, Yang-Baxter deformations and the O(d,d) structure of non-abelian T-duality. In: Journal of High Energy Physics, No. 5, 165
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Based on the construction of Poisson-Lie T-dual sigma-models from a common parent action we study a candidate for the non-abelian respectively Poisson-Lie T-duality group. This group generalises the well-known abelian T-duality group O(d,d) and we explore some of its subgroups, namely factorised dualities, B- and beta-shifts. The corresponding duality transformed sigma-models are constructed and interpreted as generalised (non-geometric) flux backgrounds. We also comment on generalisations of results and techniques known from abelian T-duality. This includes the Lie algebra cohomology interpretation of the corresponding non-geometric flux backgrounds, remarks on a double field theory based on non-abelian T-duality and an application to the investigation of Yang-Baxter deformations. This will show that homogeneously Yang-Baxter deformed sigma-models are exactly the non-abelian T-duality beta-shifts when applied to principal chiral models.